Our Public Health Legacy

We recognize the opioid crisis is a tremendously complex public health issue.

Building on our legacy in public health, we are working with frontline health care professionals, academic institutions, policymakers, online communities and others to address the unmet needs of those impacted by this crisis.

To date, the Company has sponsored independently developed education programs for tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and pharmacists across America, helping to better equip them to fight substance abuse and addiction. The Company is also collaborating with academic institutions to identify evidence-based best practices that can empower nurses and other health care practitioners to effectively respond to the opioid crisis at the community level.

Based on more than 130 years of experience, these collaborations are where the Company can have the greatest impact. This includes:

Nurses & Physicians

We provided an education grant to Nurse.com supporting independently developed continuing educational (CE) courses for nurses about patient counseling and responsible pain management. In addition, we have convened a Nurse Advisory Council with leading nurse organizations to better understand the unmet needs of nurses and support improved education, training, and community outreach.

We provided an educational grant to the University of South Florida and CME Outfitters so they can develop independent, accredited continuing medical education (CME) that focuses on the appropriate management of patient pain and prevention of opioid misuse. We also provided a grant for the independent production of educational toolkits for communities to coordinate effective treatment strategies.

Research & Industry Support

We collaborate with leading organizations and industry trade associations to support national educational campaigns and improve health policy. We also collaborate on research, such as the HEAL Initiative, a public-private partnership of the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), aimed at developing new treatments for opioid use disorder as well as nonaddictive pain therapies.

Mothers & Babies

We partnered with BabyCenter to provide the nearly 51 million new and expectant parents worldwide who visit its sites and apps with independent, evidence-based information on opioid risks and pain management to help keep them and their babies healthy.

We also worked with advocacy organizations to support passage of the Protecting Moms and Infants Act. This bipartisan legislation, signed into law by the President, highlights the need for education on appropriate pain management for expectant mothers and the importance of delivering the best possible care for both mothers and babies by keeping them together.